sunday funday

The Southbay is ideal for so many reasons (hello best surf, sun, sand!) but beyond that, Sunday Funday is a tradition meant to be celebrated. It’s a little tricky though and here’s why:

A) Getting There: You obviously need to either walk, should you be so lucky to be super near the scene. Bike, my preferred method of transport on the weekends, so liberating! Or, grrr, drive, which given free flowing mimosas I would not condone.

B) Where to Go: With so many options, Hermosa Pier, Manhattan Ave and the adorable little Redondo Beach dives, it can be a little difficult to pick your spot. So … read on.

C) What to Wear: This is the most difficult of all, especially if you’re cycling aaand it’s hot aaand you want to manage to look effortlessly good while doing it all.

Lucky for you guys I will break all of these mind racking dilemmas down so you don’t have to. Here we go!

Preferred Method of Transport is the LINUS bicycle. Ridiculously comfy, speedy and cute. Just add a basket for the little nick nacks you may find along the way. Go Nantucket Basket Company, all the way.

Linus Bicycle

Next, where are you going to cool your heels? Try Manhattan Beach Post, the Southbay’s answer to Gjelina. Excellent get-me-out-of-the-saturday-night-fog cocktails. Not to mention killer brunch options to go a little craze for. Truffle laced fried chicken with a Blister in the Sun (daquiri with english harbour, peach rosemary & coconut) anyone?

Last but certainly not least, what are we wearing out on this glorious day? You’re basically beach bumming it after all … but not really. Three essentials: Sundress, Bikini, Sandals. Voila!

from left; Thakoon, 10 Crosby by Derek Lam, Dolce & Gabbana
all available at BARNEYS New York

Marais USA Woven Sandals

We Are Handsome Bikinis

We Are Handsome Bikinis